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The Dallas-Fort Worth Employment Lawyers Association (“DFW-NELA”) is an affiliate of the National Employment Lawyers Association. Membership in DFW-NELA is open to Dallas-Fort Worth area employment lawyers who fight for the rights of workers.

DFW-NELA advances employee rights and serves lawyers who advocate for equality and justice in workplaces across the metroplex.

Our Vision

Workers will be paid at least a living wage in an environment free of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and capricious employment decisions; employers will fulfill their promises to provide retirement, health, and other benefits; workers’ safety and livelihood will not be compromised for the sake of corporate profit and interests; and individuals will have effective legal representation to enforce their rights to a fair and just workplace, adequate remedies, and a right to trial by jury.

A Call to Action

Members of DFW-NELA fight workplace injustice every day. The diversity of our membership reflects the diversity of the modern workplace. DFW-NELA members represent government workers and private sector workers. DFW-NELA members fight discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. DFW-NELA members fight employers who shortchange and underpay their workers; sometimes directly and sometimes through class actions. DFW-NELA members fight to ensure rights to medical, family, and military leave. DFW-NELA members represent unions and support collective action in the workplace. DFW-NELA members represent all employees from top executives to workers earning minimum wage or less.

DFW-NELA members are a powerful voice against injustice. DFW-NELA members fight to expand workplace protections. DFW-NELA members vigorously oppose efforts to rescind or limit workplace rights. DFW-NELA members stand up for the rights of citizens to serve on juries, and for the right of victims to have their matter decided by a jury.

United Against Injustice

Employment law is often an uphill battle against well financed businesses and legal teams. By sharing our experience, knowledge, and support, DFW-NELA levels the playing field. By working together, we improve our ability to represent victims of workplace injustice. Through our events, we ensure the spread of knowledge and skill through the plaintiff employment bar.

Join Us

If you practice employment law on behalf of employees, please join our association.

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